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Stairbuilders and Manufacturers Association
Event Photos

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136 photo(s) Updated on: November 14, 2016
  • SMA in the Capital of StairCraft Awards, Seattle, WA
  • Steve Guenzel, SMA President, Kicks off the Seattle Workshop beginning a Gauge Design Group
  • Gauge Design Group Shop
  • Spiral Newel at Gauge Design Group
  • Turning Demo and Gauge Design Group
  • Rick Watkins - "Business Succession Strategies" at Gauge Design Group
  • Nathie Katzoff - Welcomes attendees to NK Woodworking
  • Turning Demo at Gauge Design Group
  • Bob King Welcomes the SMA
  • Bullnose Step Vacuum Bag Demo - Form in Bag
  • Bob King explains 5 Axis CNC capabilities
  • Foreground Vacuum Bag Lamination with bag outside of form.
  • Tom and Joe from Ideal Stair Parts and Kyle Bennett discuss wreathed rail from 5-Axis CNC demo
  • Quality Vacuum Products display at conference center.
  • Compass Software Demonstration
  • Art Effect Photo of Turning Demo
  • Kevin West presenting "Mind Your Own Business"
  • Rick Watkins presenting "Business Succession Strategies"
  • Ron Mott Ironworks Exhibit
  • Charles Sheaff's exhibit at the NH workshop
  • Crown Heritage Exhibit at Cooper Stairworks Workshop
  • Ideal Stair Parts Exhibit
  • Dave Silvia VP Cooper Stairworks takes questions following the plant tour
  • Dave Cooper delivers Code Update
  • SMA Welcome Reception at the High Roller - Sponsored by Young Manufacturing
  • Retiring SMA President - Bill Thomas - TF Stairs and SMA Videographer - Sarah Thomas
  • Ready to ride?
  • The Vegas Strip from the High Roller
  • Each Pod holds 40 people, 30 minute ride, 360 view from 550 feet - the largest observation wheel in the world
  • Almost at the top!
  • Those who dared! - SMA High Rollers, Almost 550 feet above the Vegas Strip - 2015 Annual Conference
  • Sept. 14th, Southeast Stair Industry Workshop - Shop Tour at Vision Stairways and Millwork Begins
  • Andy Hamilton of Staircraft Ltd in the UK, compares using a pocket mortise in the string, the wedge must be dropped in but resulting integrity of the edge in tension when loaded adds strength.
  • Jim Lewis, President of Vision Stairways and Millwork, in foreground (blue shirt) answers questions on Visions assembly processes.
  • The tour continues in a corner of the Vision showroom.
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