Stairbuilders and Manufacturers Association

Board of Directors.

Our Board of Directors consists of nine members each elected to 3-year terms. Divided into three classes, a new class is elected each year by the members of the SMA. The position of Treasurer is also a 3-year term and is not held by a current board member.  The executive director is contracted by the board as an ex-officio (not elected) member of the board and serves without vote. The board elects the corporate officers annually. The directors meet regularly by teleconference and hold several face-to-face meetings each year.

Rusty Parks

President, Ed Com CoChair

Rusty began his career 39 years ago, out of high school. As owner of Parks And Sons Inc., his knowledge and expertise in the stair industry has broadened over the years. Rusty’s involvement as Co-chair of the SMA Educational Committee has deepened this
knowledge. Parks And Sons Inc. is a small successful company that focuses on high end projects and unique design elements. Rusty looks forward to expanding his stair building and design skills in the future.

Andy Chatman

Vice President

Andy began his career in the millwork and stair industry in 1995 where he spent the next 25 years of his career in multiple functions for one of the top stair component manufacturers/distributors in the country. In November of 2020, he was given the opportunity to see stairs from another “viewpoint” when he joined the team at Heartland Stairways as a Project Manager.  Andy knows firsthand that the SMA is filled with amazingly talented people and he’s thankful to be a small part of such a great group.

Bob King


Bob is a stairbuilder with 30 plus years in business specializing in high end stair systems that grace some of New England’s finest homes. His shop capacities include 3-axis and 5-axis CNC machines, Staircon software and a dedicated team of craftsman. King & Company has been a member of the SMA for around 11 years. In 2018, they had the privilege of hosting one of the SMA National Tour Workshops and
attended a second in New York. This involvement has opened Bob’s eyes to how much is to be gained by being an active member of the SMA and network with its members. Bob enjoys serving on the board and being a bigger part of this organization.

Jonathan Webster


Jonathan was born in a small farming town in Canada and moved to Las Vegas when he was 9 years old. His father started building stairs and rails shortly after moving to Las Vegas which meant he spent his weekends and evenings growing up working on stairs. In 2005, at the age of 22 and 23 Jonathan and his brother started JD Stairs. They now have 5 members of the Webster family working at the company and approximately 78 people total on their team.  Although they grew up in the carpentry world, shortly after starting the company they saw a great need to be able to do woodwork and metal work combined. They bought a welder and started selling metal stair rails in addition to their wood ones. Most of their rails now include some component from both worlds
along with a floating steel stairway. The SMA has been a great source of wisdom
and guidance for JD Stairs. Jonathan has always looked up to the members who dedicate their time to make the SMA a positive experience for all and he appreciates the opportunity to help other
SMA members.

Dale Reutter


Dale brings 30 years of experience in the stair parts industry to the board. His
experience coupled with his vast knowledge of the stair industry will truly be an asset to the SMA. Dale believes that being “part of the Board will allow me the opportunity to give back to the members of this great organization. I am excited and looking forward to increasing our membership and promoting the features and benefits that the SMA has to offer. From stair design basics, install training to code compliance and regional workshops. The SMA has so much to offer to our members to increase their knowledge and enhance their abilities. The excitement of being able to continue the legacy of those previous board members who laid the foundation and has made the SMA what it is today, is an honor for me and one I look forward to stepping in to.”

Christopher Adams



Christopher joined Florida Stairworks and Carpentry, LLC in 2012 and as a 2nd generation stair builder.  He assists in many different facets of the company.  Christopher completed his Bachelor’s degree from the Southern Illinois University. Fort Myers Florida is home to Christopher and his wife Heather and their three children, and he is the Cubmaster of our local Scout Pack.

As a SMA director, Christopher hopes to shape the goals and direction of the organization.  The SMA is a great resource for stair builders and Christopher looks forward to continuing the growth of the organization while providing valuable resource to SMA members.

Terrie Stokes


At the young age of 17, Terrie began her career in the stair industry.  Her career with Coffman Stairs expanded almost 30 years.  She had the luxury of learning the business, literally one machine at a time.  Terrie was privileged to learn the stair industry from manufacturing to sales and marketing.  She grew from the position of receptionist to the VP of Sales and Marketing before pursuing other challenges in her career.  Over the next few years, she worked for a stair builder, Southern Staircase in Alpharetta, GA and a few other stair suppliers, Regency Stair and House of Forgings.  In 2015, she joined the ECMD Family and became the Business Development Executive for Crown Heritage, where she is today.  The knowledge that  she has gained from working with various suppliers, manufacturers and customers has given her the insight to understand and appreciate the stair industry.  

The stair industry is the only life Terrie has known,  you might say that she grew up with wood in her veins.    

Renda Barr


Renda was introduced to the stair industry right out of college. She joined a group of very knowledgeable and experienced coworkers who taught her all they could. After 15 years she is still learning new things in the stair world, but is also able to share what she has learned with peers.  Renda believes the SMA is a tremendous resource. For an industry that is both significant to building structures but also expressively creative the SMA has managed to bind it all together while also pushing its’ members growth.

John Wonderly


John’s passion for woodworking came to me at the early age of 5.  As he walked to school for the first grade, he watched carpenters build houses in his neighborhood every day and it absolutely fascinated him.  When he started the second grade, he was known by all the carpenters as the kid who stopped by every day after school to “help” and as        questions.  When John was a sophomore, he saw his first custom stair in Boston, MA and upon seeing that stair, he knew what his career goal was.  When he graduated from high school in 1982, he started working in a carpentry shop full time and attended college part time for architecture.  In 1988, John started his company as a trim carpenter installing trim and pre-made stair parts as part of the trim package for a home.  Ever since he saw that stair in Boston, Jos has dreamed of custom designing and building stairs from start to finish and making every part to the highest level of quality and has worked tirelessly toward that goal for the last 32 years.

John have been involved with the SMA for many years now and looks forward to giving back by serving on the SMA board of directors.  He looks forward to infusing his passion and knowledge of the stair industry with the SMA membership as we march forward to further the industry.

Terra Erb

Executive Director

Terra joined the Association in November of 2018, following a nine-year civilian career with the United States Air Force.

As Executive Director, Terra plays a vital role by administering the day to day operations of the Association at the direction of the Board of Directors. She is integral to providing communication to our members and the public. She is responsible for managing the SMA website and social media content as well as planning the various SMA events throughout the year.


Delon Shetler

Treasurer, Non-Board Member

Delon Shetler started building stairways in a small shop in 1993 and has worked in the stair industry as a stair builder, balustrade/rail installer, independent sales rep, and designer/draftsman. He is interested in helping the SMA and the stair industry continue to grow in a way that ensures safety and comfort to the consumer while allowing stairway design to be artistic and appealing. Delon was elected to his first term the board in 2015 and is co-owner of Heartland Stairways in Holmesville, OH.

Current Board of Directors Position Term Expires
Rusty Parks President, Education Committee CoChair 2022
Andy Chatman Vice President 2022
Bob King Secretary 2023
Jonathan Webster Director 2022
Christopher Adams Director 2023
Dale Reutter Director 2023
Terrie Stokes Director, Marketing-Membership Committee Co-Chair 2024
Derek Wirz Director 2024
John Wonderly Director 2024

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