Stairbuilders and Manufacturers Association Staff.

The Stairbuilder and Manufacturers Association staff works closely together and with other industry leaders in order to publish up-to-date resource materials that serve to raise the industry standard and educate the public. The SMA technical guides are commonly used by stairbuilding professionals as they offer easy to understand explanations of complex stair codes. The visual interpretation guides have also received widespread praise for their clear depictions of important concepts and regulations. Beyond vocational materials, the SMA also publishes educational curriculum for PrePrimary and elementary students related to stair safety and other important topics, as well as research study findings.

The SMA staff place a valuable emphasis on educational and professional resources and materials in order to uphold stairbuilding standards in terms of both safety and craftsmanship.

Terra Erb

Executive Director

Terra Erb the association in November of 2018, following a nine-year civilian career with the United States Air Force. As Executive Director, Terra plays a vital role by administering the day-to-day operations of the Association at the direction of the Board of Directors. She is integral to providing communication to our members and the public. She is responsible for managing the SMA website and social media content as well as planning the various SMA events throughout the year.

David Cooper

Code Representative

Dave Cooper began stairbuilding in 1973 after a brief stint in chemistry. He has founded three companies within the Stair Industry related to the design or manufacture of Stairs. As an SMA member he served on the board of directors, as SMA Code and Research Chair, and as President. Today his company, Stair Manufacturing and Design Consultants, contracts code development services as directed by the Board. Dave also provides code consultation services exclusively for SMA members.

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