Inspired Designs with Shawn Christman

Shawn Christman of Coriolis Design as he shares how to transform ambition and inspiration into inspired designs with drama, sensuality and visual impact. Discover why you hold the keys to unlocking your clients desires!⁠

We hope this presentation will soon become a SMA course in our AIA CES offerings. View the presentation, learn, and then provide feedback to help us perfect the presentation for our future architect learning unit attendees. ⁠

Shawn Christman
Coriolis Design

SMA Stair Academy


by Rusty Parks & Robert Aulicky

Grow your business! Do you have adequately trained employees to assist your company as you take more significant steps to continue your growth? Let the SMA help.

The SMA Stair School hosted two successful classes, with our class hosts Carolina Stair Supply and Crown Heritage, during the 2019 calendar year. Our students gave the class rave reviews. The class teaches theory and practical application skills for both post-to-post and over-the-post installation skills.

The Stair School Class focuses on theory, to better explain how and why the balustrade post-to-post system works. The class offers hands-on training with student workstations designed specifically for this learning opportunity. The workstations allow students to practice their balustrade layout from the starting newel to the wall termination. Students are taught how to calculate handrail height, baluster lengths, and placement of newels. They are also instructed on methods for correcting issues without stopping the workflow.

As seasoned builders, the instructors cover everything from checking paperwork for proper materials to calculating for newel heights to block depth styles to baluster lengths. Students are taught to layout the whole balustrade before they start making their first cut. They are also exposed to several different types of newels and the mounting hardware used, from the 3-inch newels to the more massive hollow box newels. This gives the students perspective and the ability to fine-tune their projects, as necessary.

This class benefits both the shop craftsman and the sales representative. It provides a better understanding of the preparation needed for blocking and premounting newels and balusters. The class also helps attendees understand take-offs with the proper lengths, quantities, and hardware for each installation.

Take advantage of your growth today by setting up for the next wave. The SMA answered your request for more, better-trained employees. Are you ready? We are!

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