2019 StairCraft Award Recipients

Recipients of the SMAs 2019 StairCraft Awards gave “How We Did It” presentations for their award winning designs.  Florida Stairworks and Carpentry LLC, Hardwood Design Inc., Heartland Stairways, and John Wonderly Architectural Woodworking all joined us to discuss their exceptional, award winning stair projects.

Visual Interpretations to the Stair Building Code

We now have three versions of the printed Visual Interpretations to the Stair Building Code available.  You can stock up on these pictorial depictions of the 2012, 2015 and 2018 International Residential Code in the SMA Store at stairways.org/store. The 2012 is in black and white and the NEW 2015 and 2018 versions are in full color!


AIA Continuing Education Provider Program

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This extended event discusses the AIA Continuing Education Provider program. Discover how you can tap into this incredible membership benefit while providing an invaluable service to architects.

Terra Erb, SMA Executive Director, and Andy Chatman, SMA Board Vice President,  presented on the SMAs involvement in this program and talked about what that means for you as an SMA member!

Terra Erb || Andy Chatman
SMA || Crown Heritage