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Illustrated Stair Codes

Complex technical code language simply explained through drawings and pictures. Laymen and professionals alike praise this document that provides understanding for all that use the 2009 International Residential Code.

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Older Stair Code Editions (Free downloads)
SMA Visual Interpretation of the Stairway Codes 2006 IRC
SMA Visual Interpretation of the Stairway Codes 2003 IRC
SMA Visual Interpretation of the Stairway Codes 2000 IRC

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Stair Building and Handrailing Technical Guides

These guides document the techniques of design and construction used by professional stairbuilders for hundreds of years. Recommended as required study for anyone building or designing safe comfortable stairways, these volumes establish an understanding of stairway geometry from basic straight flights to the most complex.

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A Treatise On Stairbuilding and Handrailing

Paper. Index and bibliography. Completely illustrated. One of the premier books on the subject. Originally published in 1900 this gives extensive coverage of various classes of wood stairs and wreathed handrailings. Includes a short course on the geometric principles bearing on the subject. Intended for joiners, architects, builders and students in the technical schools. The most complete book on the subject currently available.

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A Simplified Guide to Custom Stairbuilding and Tangent Handrailing (Revised)

This is the revised edition of diCristina’s popular work on stairbuilding. Over 50 pages have been revised. The author covers where to locate risers in a curved stairway in relation to the handrailing, three methods of finding the face mould, fifteen basic handrail problems, installation of balusters, how to find baluster cuts under an incline turn handrail, and much more. Mr. diCristina owned a custom stairbuilding business in San Francisco for over 50 years.

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Modern Practical Stairbuilding and Handrailing

George Ellis’ last great work. This is a republication of the 1932 edition. There are 51 chapters, 108 plates and numerous illustrations. Includes taking dimensions and setting out stairs, geometrical stairs, spiral stairs, varieties of elliptic stairs, newels, balusters, brackets, construction of wreathed and twisted soffit linings, single and geometric handrailing, formation of scrolls.

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