ANSI/AWI SMA 0643-2021.

2.0 Scope

a) Provides aesthetic and performance standards for the manufacture and installation of interior wood stair, handrail, and guard systems for residential and commercial applications, including guard in-fill system components of metal, glass, and cable.

2.1 Included

a) Product as specified under CSI MasterFormat Divisions:

      • 06 43 00 Wood Stairs and Railings

2.2 Not Included

a) Substructures of materials other than wood

b) Product as specified under CSI MasterFormat Division

      • 05 00 00 Metals
      • 06 50 00 Structural Plastics
      • 09 65 00 Resilient Flooring

c) Welding, polishing, grinding, machining, and finishing of metal components

d) Structural components, grounds, in-wall blocking, backing, furring, support brackets, strapping, or other anchorage that becomes an integral part of the building’s walls, floor systems, or ceilings designed to support the required live loads are not furnished or installed under the scope of this standard’s requirements.

e) Installation of Product items not specifically identified in itemized scope of work within the contract documents.

f) Providing and installing electrical related items, light fixtures, network cables, grommets and wire management systems, computer equipment, or mechanical equipment.

g) Correction of existing jobsite conditions that are required for the installation of the Product.

h) All site-applied primers, stains, or other finish coatings for non-factory finished Product.

i) Filling nail or screw holes in unfinished or primed Product.

j) Caulking to fill voids between Product and pre-existing surfaces.

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