2000 Visual Interpretations of IRC Stair Codes (FREE)


The Stairway Manufacturers Association publishes visual interpretations of Building Codes to be accurate pictorial descriptive material void of editorial comment to aid in the understanding of the written text. We provide this document as a learning tool to aid designers, builders, homeowners, building officials, stair builders, and others in the shelter industry to accurately and consistently interpret the building code related to stairways.

The SMA has participated in the model code development process since 1988. We support the International Code Council’s development process through our membership and are recognized and respected for our responsible efforts at code reform and interpretation in addition to our trade and industry experience that we bring to the table. This experience and reputation is an asset to our continued efforts to provide safe stairways and reduce stairway accidents while allowing freedom of design, and aesthetic properties of preference.

 For digital download only.