Change the Code and Change the World?

Well, it might change the part of the world in which you work and may make life a little easier.

Changing the code is easier than changing the world and your input is valuable to the process. Consider the following questions and attend our session where we can discuss how we might address your concerns in the next code development cycle of the International Codes.

  • What regulations give you headaches?
  • What codes seem to always be interpreted differently?
  • What does the code fail to address?
  • What does the code needlessly restrict or over regulate?

Dave Cooper
SMA Code Development Representative

2019 StairCraft Award Recipients

Recipients of the SMAs 2019 StairCraft Awards gave “How We Did It” presentations for their award winning designs.  Florida Stairworks and Carpentry LLC, Hardwood Design Inc., Heartland Stairways, and John Wonderly Architectural Woodworking all joined us to discuss their exceptional, award winning stair projects.

AIA Continuing Education Provider Program

aia logo
This extended event discusses the AIA Continuing Education Provider program. Discover how you can tap into this incredible membership benefit while providing an invaluable service to architects.

Terra Erb, SMA Executive Director, and Andy Chatman, SMA Board Vice President,  presented on the SMAs involvement in this program and talked about what that means for you as an SMA member!

Terra Erb || Andy Chatman
SMA || Crown Heritage

Inspired Designs with Shawn Christman

Shawn Christman of Coriolis Design as he shares how to transform ambition and inspiration into inspired designs with drama, sensuality and visual impact. Discover why you hold the keys to unlocking your clients desires!⁠

We hope this presentation will soon become a SMA course in our AIA CES offerings. View the presentation, learn, and then provide feedback to help us perfect the presentation for our future architect learning unit attendees. ⁠

Shawn Christman
Coriolis Design

Code Blunders and Bloopers

Dave Cooper shared Code Blunders and Bloopers he sees as the SMAs Code Representative.

by Dave Cooper, SMA Code Development Representative

As with most stories, there are two or more sides to most code issues. It is very often a close call at best when black and white turns to grey. Even when your interpretation is “correct,” you may still be “wrong”. If this sounds like just an oxymoron, you would be wise to view this Lunch and Learn of real blunders and bloopers by stairbuilders and code officials alike. Seeing or understanding these exam